• Email Phishing

    How Dangerous is Email?

    Email is very useful and is necessary for the operation of many businesses, however it is also used nerfariously by cyber-criminals to distribute malware, compromise networks, and steal private information. Would your employees know how to respond if they recieved a spear-phishing email? We can run a simulated phishing attack on your organization in order to show your employees what these attacks may look like, and educate them on how they need to respond.

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  • Secure Network

    How Secure is YOUR Network?

    Security breaches can be costly. How much money would your organization lose if your IT infrastructure was down? What can you do to protect your investments? Knowing the possible attack vectors is the first step to securing your digital assets. We can run vulnerability scan can quickly identify the soft spots in your network and give you the information you need to start eliminating risks.

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What we can do for you

Phishing Campaigns

A large number of cyber security breaches are a result of the negligence of an employee. Email is a very big vulnerability since it is vital for an organizations business, however can also be used to distribute malware, or extract private data. Employees clicking links, submitting data to spoofed websites, or giving out sensitvie information, are all examples of social engineering at work. Despite our best efforts, firewalls and security policies cannot always protect an organization from the actions of it's employees, so training is necessary. We can launch a mock phishing campaign against your organizations mail domain to give your employees first hand experience on what these attacks might look like, and how to spot them in the future. We then send you a highly detailed report on our exact methodology, their success rates, and which individuals responded to them and may need training on certain security topics.


Vulnerability Assesments

Keeping a network secure is a continuous job, and knowing the possible vulnerablities is half of the battle. New vulnerbilities are found every day, and every day patches are released to to fix them. We can run a vulnerability scan for you and give you a comprehensive report in which we assess the exploitability and risk of each vulnerability and advise how to fix it.


Network Security Audit

Following a vulnerabliity scan, we can work with you to eliminate any concerning vulbernabilities that are detected after a vulnerability scan has been run.

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